Features and Options

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All refrigerated trailers and truck bodies come with a durable coating and chassis paint. We offer a range of bright colors to help match the color scheme of your company. Do you have a very specific or unique color in mind? We will try our best to match the color. All of our products are painted in-house by our team of skilled painters so your trailer or truck body never has to go through third-party paint shops. Contact one of our listed sales representatives for more information.

trailer body
The trailer body has a high performance coating.

All refrigerated trailers come with a diamond plate trailer tongue to help secure the frame and provide an optimal area for other mounted features, such as an electric generator or toolbox.

diamond plate trailer tongue
A durable, diamond plate trailer tongue and trim.

Need help stepping into the back of your trailer? Add a durable, diamond plate rear trailer step to help make accessing the inside of your trailer easier.

diamond plate rear trim and step
A diamond plate trailer step and door trim.

Available in various configurations around the body of the refrigerated box, diamond plate trim adds a layer of durability and protection against the damaging circumstances of the open-road, such as loose gravel or negligent drivers. Protect your investment from any unnecessary damages and add some eye-catching trim to your next refrigerated unit.

diamond plate side trim
Diamond plate trim on the exterior walls of the trailer.

For refrigerated truck bodies, the most convenient and practical location to place the refrigeration unit is above the cabin of the vehicle.

This feature is available on all refrigerated truck body models.

Used with the breakaway system in the event of accidental disconnection between the trailer hitch and the pulling vehicle, the safety chains will “catch” the disconnected trailer and provide the driver with enough time to retain control and come to a stop. Safety chains are secured in an ‘X’ pattern underneath the hitching point to allow the trailer hitch to be “caught” by the chains.

safety chains
Strong and secure safety chains are used to keep the trailer and the towing vehicle connected in the event of hitch failure.

Our refrigerated trailers are paired with strong, durable steel trailer frames that help keep the trailer and its contents secure.

steel trailer frame
Our units sit on a strong steel trailer frame.

It is important to protect your trailer, your cargo and your investment by any means necessary. The trailer hitch lock secures your trailer by blocking the hitch from any unwanted connections from thieves looking to drive away with your trailer. Hitch locks are a great deterrent for trailer theft and could delay relentless thieves long enough to catch them in the act.

tow lock
A trailer tow lock is used to keep thieves from driving away with your trailer.

For connections, the hitch trailer ball must be firmly secured underneath the hitching point of the trailer. To facilitate connecting and disconnecting the trailer to the pulling vehicle, a trailer jack is used to adjust the height of the hitching point of the trailer. When the trailer is not connected to a vehicle, the trailer jack is used to help keep the trailer level.

trailer lift
Using a trailer lift will help keep your trailer level when it is not attached to a vehicle.

Trailer-specific tires are designed to have more stability and a higher loading capacity than the regular tires that you may find on your towing vehicle. With a stiffer and thicker construction, trailer tires help reduce trailer sway, are more stable and are better suited to the wear and tear of being pulled around while being weighed down.

trailer tires
These tires are made specifically for trailers and provide hundreds of miles of use.

Similar to the brake lights on your car or truck, trailer lights let others know when you’re coming to a stop, turning, or reversing.

The trailer tail lights also provide a place to display the license plate for the trailer.

trailer tail lights and license plate mount
Standard tail lights on your refrigerated trailer let others know when you're braking. A license plate mount is also part of the right tail light.

When you open the door, warm air entering the unit will cause the internal temperature to increase and cause the refrigeration system to start. An external temperature gauge helps you monitor the internal temperature of your refrigerated trailer without having to open the unit door.

external temperature gauge
An external temperature gauge helps keep track of the trailer's internal temperature without having to open it.

The breakaway system is an important piece of safety equipment that is included with all of our refrigerated trailers. In case of an unexpected disconnection between the pulling vehicle and trailer, the breakaway system will engage and apply the trailer’s electric brakes using its own 5 amp battery as a power source. The breakaway system includes an LED testing meter, charger and breakaway switch.

breakaway system
A breakaway system is installed on the trailer tongue.

Similar to the wheels on our personal vehicles, trailer wheels are no different and experience the same weathering effects of the road. Don’t let an unexpected flat tire ruin your business or travel plans! Polar Temp offers an optional spare tire with tire rack on all small refrigerated trailer models. Secured to the trailer tongue or trailer frame, a spare tire offers you the comfort of knowing that any situation involving your tires can be resolved quickly and safely.

deck-mounted tire rack and spare tire
A tire rack with a spare is mounted along the edge of the trailer tongue.

Need more refrigeration for a temperature-sensitive product? With a second refrigeration unit, reach even lower temperatures and be confident that your goods are being transported in optimal conditions. For more information on dual refrigeration units, please contact one of our sales representatives.

dual over-cabin refrigeration
Two refrigeration units will increase the cooling capabilities of the trailer.

Remotely power your refrigerated trailer or truck body without having to plug it into another electrical source.

electric generator
An electric generator mounted on the trailer tongue.